The First-Line Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

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Focal Shockwave Therapy

A New Proven Treatment to Reverse Erectile Dysfunction

Men’s Heath Solutions is pioneering new and revolutionary shockwave therapy for Men’s Health. We offer our patients the latest in ED and men’s health treatment, known as low intensity focused shockwave therapy.

  • Low intensity focused shockwave therapy
  • Improves blood flow, strengthens nerves and blood vessels
  • Reverse ED for the long-term
  • No needles or invasive surgery
  • No anesthesia required
  • Latest treatment modality for ED
  • Free Consultation Available

Sexual Health

  • Erectile Dysfunction


  • Bent Penis Treatment
  • Congenital Penile Curvature
  • Peyronie’s Disease


  • Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome
  • Post Prostatectomy ED
  • Chronic Prostatitis

Shockwave Therapy has proven results for ED. MHS are ready to help.

A New Proven Treatment to Reverse Erectile Dysfunction

Focused shockwave therapy is the only clinically studied medical treatment that is known to reverse ED for the long-term. The foremost advanced medical communities around the world consider it to be the potential medical answer of rehabilitating or even curing ED.

Our goal is to provide treatment that is safe, drug free, surgery free, and needle free solution that treats the root cause of ED and men’s health conditions.

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Mens Health & ED

Are experiencing some of the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Here at MHS, we can help you.

Shockwave Treatment

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Our patients most common questions and concerns relating to erectile dysfunction and the shockwave treatment.

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I am 31 years old and have suffered from erectile dysfunction for 4 and a half years. The problem started with weakened erections and got progressively worse to the point where I had no strong erections and no morning elections for the last 6 months. I had my blood checked and had spoken to various doctors who were unable to help me and assumed the problem was simply psychogenic due to my age. I was prescribed PDE-5 Inhibitors but it lost effectiveness after while.

After a lot of research on the internet I found Men’s Health Solutions where I was recommended Shockwave. I completed six 20 minute sessions of this completely painless and simple procedure. I am happy with the results and delighted to say that the treatment has been a success.

I started to wake up with morning erections for the first time in a while and they are not always very strong but again, the improvement is huge. I’m able to sustain again erection to have sex.
I am still going through the healing process and If necessary, I will come back for a couple of ‘booster’ sessions.


I am very happy to recommend Men’s Health Solutions. I’m 58 and I have been suffering from Erectile Dysfunction. I had 6 sessions of shockwave therapy to improve the smooth muscle in my penis. I could notice a great improvement on penis girth and now I can sustain an erection to have sex.


I am 32 and I was suffering from Erectile Dysfunction. I was recommended to have a course of Shockwave and in addition, I was suggested seeing a psycho-sexual counsellor to deal with anxiety issues. I have every confidence in the services provided since they are experts in their field. After few sessions I could notice an improvement in my erections.


I had immediate improvements after my first session of shockwave therapy with MHS .

Phil Martinez

We successfully treat men between 20 and 80. Our treatment is a game-changer. Contact MHS today!

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